November 3, 2022

Clean Skies for Tomorrow (CST) is a multilateral initiative that is working towards making carbon-zero flying a reality by accelerating the use of sustainable aviation fuels.

While they project the Power-to-Liquid (PtL) trajectory of SAF as a promising alternative, they are also clear about its challenges.

Shashank Nigam ✈ sat down with Christoph Wolff, the CEO of Smart Freight Centre and the creator of Clean Skies for Tomorrow Coalition at World Economic Forum, to discuss:

  • The aims and origins of the Clean Skies for Tomorrow Coalition (0:56)
  • The most critical method to get to net zero (6:28)
  • Pathways to SAF (8:08)
  • The potential and pitfalls of Power-to-Liquid fuel (10:39)
  • On the transition to electricity and geopolitical implications (13:12)
  • Will SAF costs come down? (22:22)
  • Hydrogen/Electric vs SAF for flying (24:02)
  • On corporate net-zero efforts (25:31)
  • Why India is a potentially exciting market for SAF (27:30)

Listen to the episode here.

Together with our season partner CarbonClick, we plant one tree for every new listener and 50 trees for each review. All funds will go to the Maputo Bay Reforestation Initiative in southern Mozambique.

Our new carbon offsetting ‘myth buster’

Carbon offsets invite interest and ire in equal measure. They’re popular, controversial and divisive. For many companies, carbon offsetting is an immediate salve for their sustainability strategies. For many activists and critics, offsetting is a waste of time and money.

Our new report, developed with our partners CarbonClick suggests there’s more nuance to the issue than critics let on.

🌿 While it’s true that we cannot offset our way out of the climate crisis, carbon offsetting can be an effective immediate sustainability tool as long as it is not used in isolation and there are sufficient checks and balances in place. 🌿

In this detailed report, we share how carbon offsetting can be an important part of an airline’s sustainability portfolio and how, unlike other solutions, it can work at scale. Right NOW!

Download ‘The Carbon-Offsetting Mythbuster’ here.

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