Report: The carbon offsetting mythbuster

The right and wrong way to approach carbon offsetting, and how it can work for you.
Produced in partnership with CarbonClick.

Sustainability in the Air
The Carbon-Offsetting Mythbuster

Making sense of carbon offsets: Fact vs fiction

Carbon offsets invite interest and ire in equal measure. They’re popular, controversial and divisive. For many companies, carbon offsetting is an immediate salve for their sustainability strategies. For many activists and critics, offsetting is a waste of time and money.

Our new report, developed with our partners CarbonClick, suggests there’s more nuance to the issue than critics let on.

While it’s true that we cannot offset our way out of the climate crisis, carbon offsetting can be an effective immediate sustainability tool as long as it is not used in isolation and there are sufficient checks and balances in place!

In this detailed report, we share how carbon offsetting can be an important part of an airline’s sustainability portfolio and how, unlike other solutions, it can work at scale. Right now!

Key Insights

Not all carbon offsets are equal

While it is true that some offsetting projects can be dubious, there are verification mechanisms to discover and invest in impactful offsetting projects.

Carbon offsetting should be used holistically

Offsets work best when they’re used to offset carbon areas of the business that are the hardest to reduce, replace or eradicate.

Carbon offsets can make a difference now

While there may be theoretical pathways to net-zero that are more effective and reliable in the future, carbon offsetting can offer an immediate solution at scale.

CarbonClick has helped 1,055 businesses and 160,000+ individuals take climate actions. Today, CarbonClick works with over 1,000 brands, including airlines and airports across the globe to deliver transparent offsetting programmes customers can see, understand and trust.

In 2022, CarbonClick earned the esteemed B Corp Certification, recognising the company for meeting and maintaining the highest standards for environmental performance, social impact, accountability and transparency.

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