Report: The Carbon Removal Power List

Our report looks at the carbon capture, removal and transformation markets, and scrutinises ten companies in this space.

The Carbon Removal Power List

Is Carbon Removal the future of sustainability?

The right and wrong way to communicate your sustainability strategy

According to the US Department of Energy, utility sector solar kilowatt costs were $0.28 in 2010. The 2020 target of $0.06 was achieved three years early, and the target is now $0.03 by 2030.

The lesson is that advances in technology combined with regulatory support can turbocharge a promising technology, especially one that’s needed to solve a mission critical problem, that of climate change.

This report looks at carbon removal, in particular the Direct Air Capture industry as well as companies making products from CO2.

Why Carbon Capture?

The costs may be high, but so is the promise

This is a technology in its infancy and costs will go down with the right amount of innovation and help. In fact, the sector recently received a boost in the (US) Inflation Reduction Act, with Time calling it “a bonanza for the carbon capture industry.”

Much more efficient than reforestation

In a June episode of ‘How I built this’ with Guy Raz, Climeworks co-founder Jan Wurzbacher pointed out that in the same area where you take one tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere via trees, you could have one machine taking 1000 tonnes via direct air capture (DAC).

Captured CO2 can be stored underground or turned into a product

You can use it for plastics, for example Made of Air and Twelve (featured in this report) have each made sunglasses from CO2. You can even turn it into e-fuels that will power aircraft.

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