Report: The Urban Air Mobility Power List

Our report outlines our predictions for the first decade for Urban Air Mobility: More Kardashians than Jetsons.

The Urban Air Mobility Power List

What is exciting about Urban Air Mobility?

The right and wrong way to communicate your sustainability strategy

Our report explores the urban air mobility sector and EVA (electric vertical aircraft) also known as eVTOLs (electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft).

These are small, electrically powered aircraft that can take off and land vertically, and fly horizontally like a normal plane.

There’s a lot of excitement around them in their use as urban mobility or air taxi solutions. One eVTOL boss has even talked about creating “highways in the sky.”

Five use cases for electric air taxis or eVTOLs

Marquee flights at major events

eVTOLs are being talked up around global sporting events, such as the 2024 Paris and 2028 LA Olympics, as well as the 2025 World Expo in Osaka.

Novelty flights for tourists

Given that helicopter tourist flights are available in a lot of major urban centres, we expect some of these to be replaced by eVTOLs.

First or last mile travel to airports for premium passengers

Given that a Boeing 777-9 has capacity for 426 passengers, and that eVTOLs will initially hold four passengers, that would mean 100+ eVTOLs for one flight.

What is more likely is that the highest paying passengers on a flight will be given an eVTOL option.

Transport for the 1%

We can foresee eVTOLs being something of a status symbol for major celebrities keen to show that they are climate conscious.

Cargo and logistics

Drones and other autonomous vehicles are already in use for cargo and freight, so it’s actually not much of a stretch to see this as a use case for electric vertical aircraft.

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