The Sustainability In The Air Podcast Is Back For Its Third Season

By Sustainability in the Air / February 01, 2023

The Sustainability in the Air podcast, the world’s first podcast on sustainability in aviation presented by SimpliFlying goes live with Season 3 on February 1st.

The podcast is hosted by Shashank Nigam, Founder and CEO of SimpliFlying, a consultancy that has helped over 100 airlines and airports build trust for over 15 years. 

The third season of the Sustainability in the Air podcast includes a guest lineup from ACI, Archer, Airbus, Air Company, Boeing, Cirium, Dubai Airports, Embraer, Red Sea Global, and Wizz Air.

As a platform for dialogue, perspectives and best practices on sustainability strategies and the path to net zero, the podcast covers a range of subjects from Sustainable Aviation Fuel, solar power, hydrogen as an alternative fuel, next-generation aircraft, climate activism, and more.

Shashank Nigam, the host of the Sustainability in the Air podcast, shares:

“With 27 years to go to reach the aviation industry’s net zero emissions target, we want to show how top organisations are charting a sustainable course for the future.”

“While significant challenges are at hand, we see that vision, vigour and leadership are paramount. We are witnessing this first hand through the inspiring conversations with the many companies committed to reducing the adverse impacts of air travel.”

Launched on Earth Day 2022, Sustainability in the Air has over 5,000 downloads to date, and is available on all major podcast platforms.

In season 3, we decided to do things differently and include more diverse actors from aviation. For the first episode and for the very first time, we have the CEO of an airport, Paul Griffiths, on the show. Griffiths gave us helpful insights about the necessity of adopting local bespoke solutions, focusing on smaller initiatives and how sustainability demands continuous improvement. You can listen to the episode here.

We have an exciting line-up of guests this season so be sure to tune in every Wednesday. And while you wait for the next episode, check out the previous seasons of Sustainability in the Air!

Season 3 of the Sustainability in the Air podcast is sponsored by Cirium and CarbonClick.

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