July 22, 2022

From SimpliFlying CEO Shashank Nigam:

At Farnborough, I asked top aviation executives about the most significant hurdles the industry faces in building a sustainable future. Some of the answers were very candid and surprising.

In the airshow-special episode of the Sustainability In The Air podcast, I interview industry stalwarts. Here’s whom I spoke with in this episode:

Akbar Al Baker, Qatar Airways
Arturo Barreira, Airbus Latin America
Jane Ashton, easyJet
Jonathan Wood, Neste
Laia Barbarà, WEF
Lauren Riley, United
Nicolas Chretien, Airbus
Patrick Baudis, MHI RJ
Sheila Remes, Boeing

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The image above comes from the ZeroAvia website.

It was also shown on a presentation given by CEO and Founder Val Miftakhov, who at Farnborough talked about the need to reach so-called ‘True Zero’, where air travel has next to no environmental impact at all.

ZeroAvia went for an H2 Electric solution as Miftakhov says that this will remove 95% of climate-based effects from aviation.

By contrast, he believes that any combustion-based solution, including hydrogen combustion engines, will only achieve 50% mitigation.

In fact, in a separate announcement, Airbus said that it would be testing hydrogen engines on a glider in North Dakota this Winter to measure contrails and NOx emissions.

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