Sustainable Aviation Highlights (Sep 2022)

By Sustainability in the Air / September 29, 2022

At SimpliFlying, we publish research and insights on sustainable aviation almost every day. We understand it may be difficult to stay on top of our regular publications. So here are the top 5 developments and updates on airline sustainability in September:

1. Airport Cooling Towers Could Be Used To Capture CO2

In one of our newsletter issues, we featured a breakthrough carbon capture technology. Here’s how the Forbes writer, Hersh Shefrin, described the positive outcomes of a new method of removing CO2 from the air:

“<…> within a decade a single company will be able to remove more carbon dioxide per year from the atmosphere than the U.S. emits during an entire year.”

Noya’s idea, which generated this glowing coverage, is to retrofit cooling towers that sit on top of buildings to take CO2 out of the atmosphere. You can read more about this technology here.

2. New Report! The Carbon Removal Power List

Earlier this month, we released our latest power list looking at the Carbon Removal, Storage and Transformation market. Grab your digital copy here for a detailed overview of companies with advanced technologies (like Twelve and Synhelion) that aim to protect our fragile environment.

3. Climate Activists Strike Back

Over the past days, climate activists have taken over ad sites in major European cities in a coordinated mass poster attack against airlines (more about this ‘campaign’ here and here).

This is a flight shaming trend SimpliFlying predicted as far back as 2020. We think that with travel returning to post-COVID normality, the industry needs to be prepared for more of this over the next few years. And of course, it makes a credible net zero plan that can’t be attacked as green washing ever more important.

4. What September’s Electric Aircraft Announcements Tell Us

This month there were two announcements in the next generation aircraft space, one from Heart Aerospace and another from Eviation Aircraft.

Heart revealed equity deals with Air Canada and Saab, firm orders from Air Canada, and the announcement of a new facility to produce Heart’s aircraft in Gothenburg called Northern Runway. Eviation, in turn, hit the news by signing a deal for 50 “Alice” commuter aircraft with Miami-based Global Crossing Airlines, for use in Florida and the Caribbean.

Read our article to learn what these two announcements tell us about where the electric aircraft market is heading.

5. Three Bets EasyJet Is Making In The Race To Net Zero

This week, our Research Director Dirk Singer went into the nitty-gritty of easyJet’s accelerated roadmap to net zero in his signature blog post. He expands on 3 key bets of the European LCC, which mark a departure from its previous plans:

1. A bet on Zero Emissions Aircraft over SAF
2. A bet on Hydrogen over Electric
3. A bet on Carbon Removals over Carbon Offsetting

To know what these 3 bets are all about, go ahead and read our most recent blog post.

This green type of industry content can be found in our twice-weekly Sustainability In The Air newsletter, led by SimpliFlying’s Research Director Dirk Singer. Do subscribe to our send-out to stay on top of the latest trends.

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