December 2, 2022

The last episode of Season 2 with a special guest – our very own Dirk Singer!

As SimpliFlying’s Head of Sustainability, he is well aware of the real-world consequences of climate change; hence he is focused on getting the ‘green’ conversation right.

“You’re communicating with a wider public which wants to know that you are taking their sustainability concerns seriously and that you are taking the concerns of these groups that are representing them seriously, as well.”

Here are some of the key highlights of the conversation:

💚 Climate activist tactics (3:50)
💚 Why should airline executives care? (5:58)
💚 Which airlines are doing a good job, and what is it that they are doing differently? (8:04)
💚 Science-based targets initiative (10:14)
💚 What do climate change activists really want? (11:45)
💚 What is ‘Green-hushing’? (18:22)
💚 Communicating with climate change groups (25:30)
💚 The most important audience on sustainability (31:25)
💚 Greenwashing and getting green messaging right on sustainability initiatives (33:58)

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Special thanks to our season partner CarbonClick for supporting us as we move the needle forward to a cleaner industry and better future.

P.S. Curious to read more on airline greenwashing and green-hushing? Download our latest report.

SimpliFlying CEO Shashank Nigam writes:

Fascinating to see how well trains are integrated into the Lufthansa network in Frankfurt. It’s no wonder DB has joined Star Alliance.

Intermodal transport is sustainable. Intermodal was Star Alliance’s biggest innovation earlier this year when they tied up with DB, the German train company.

I spoke at length with Jeffrey Goh about it on the Sustainability In The Air podcast. Have a listen.

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