May 20, 2022

We have published a brand new sustainability report, which shows that:

1 – Environmental concerns among the travelling public are real and growing.

2 – However, few consumers, and that includes airline passengers, will voluntarily pay some kind of environmental surcharge (via a voluntary carbon offset scheme). The expectation is that businesses should take care of sustainability.

3 – Most importantly, airlines that push sustainability to the forefront are poised to strengthen their brand, and gain a significant competitive advantage.

This is because sustainability is more of a ‘pull’ than ‘push’ factor.

4 – A sustainability threat to airlines comes from the corporate sector. This is a trend we saw pre Covid, where environmental groups are successfully putting sustainability on the agenda at shareholder meetings.

View and download the report for free here.

From SimpliFlying CEO, Shashank Nigam:

Amy Burr is a travel tech veteran – from being a founding member of Virgin America to leading the merger with Alaska to investing for a net-zero future via JTV. Listen up!

JetBlue Technology Ventures is unique because it’s a corporate venture fund owned by an airline with a mission to further the goals of the entire industry – none of which is more important today than a net-zero future.

In our conversation, Amy Burr dives deep into how she and her team are identifying technologies that will make flying greener and perhaps magical too.

Have a listen and we’ll plant a tree. Leave a review on your favourite podcast platform and we will plant 50!

Positive story of the day

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