Xiomara Martin is taking Aeroméxico towards net zero via fleet renovation and more

By Shubhodeep Pal / February 09, 2023

This is an extract from our “Flying to Net Zero” report which features in-depth interviews with ten airline leaders on their approaches to airline sustainability strategies. Download the full report here.

“Sustainability is a road that we build together. When it comes down to taking care of our planet and our people, there is no such thing as competition. When airlines and organisations unite for the common good, complex problems are solved with much greater ease.” – Xiomara Martin, Vice President Marketing & Sustainability at Aeroméxico

Following the brutal travel shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mexico was one of the first countries to see a real bounce-back in terms of domestic travel after the early days of the virus. However, even as the immediate focus was business recovery and health safety, the COVID-19 pandemic gave Aeroméxico much food for thought about sustainability.

One of the first pillars for the airline is improving aircraft efficiency via a fleet renewal programme. In 2021, it announced an order for 24 new Boeing 737-8 MAX and 737-9 MAX jets, alongside plans to retire some of its Boeing 737-700s and Embraer E190s. In partnership with Neste, it also carried out three flights between the US and Mexico using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for the first time in November 2021. The airline also began undertaking a range of other initiatives, such as phasing out single-use plastics from 2022.

Aeromexico uses a sensible pictorial format to tell people about their green initiatives. Source: Aeroméxico

Meet the Changemaker

Like many other airlines, while the mandate for sustainability comes from the top, the planning and execution are driven by a dedicated sustainability function. Xiomara Martin is Vice President Marketing & Sustainability at Aeroméxico. With over 20 years of experience across various functions, she leads the marketing and sustainability agenda at Aeroméxico by “adopting a client and environmental-centric approach and executing the global strategy to maximise brand equity and minimise the company’s environmental impact”.

Xiomara says that Aeroméxico’s commitment to a greener future is exemplified by their fleet that emits 40% less CO2 than 15 years ago.

“This has been possible due to the Fleet Renovation Plan and the implementation of a fuel efficiency programme over more than 10 years that applies new technologies and optimises processes to generate even fewer emissions. These efforts have positioned us among the most efficient airlines in the industry, according to IATA”, she says.

Ultimately, what drives Xiomara’s work is the desire to give future generations a planet they can enjoy. In addition, she says she wishes to create the environmental and social wealth that will allow Mexico’s sustainable development. And on top of her agenda, of course, is proving that sustainable aviation is possible.

Read the rest of the interview with Xiomara Martin in our report, “Flying to Net Zero”.

Xiomara Aeroméxico Net Zero

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